PlusDemographics Pricing

Single report


  • For Personal Profiles
  • Great for Individuals
  • Less than a cup of mocha latte

Single report


  • For Business Pages
  • Great for Small organizations or product pages

50 pack


  • Designed for Agencies
  • Personal Profiles
  • Business Pages

100 pack


  • Designed for larger Agencies
  • Personal Profiles
  • Business Pages
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Pricing Overview

We offer a very simple subscription model for your Plus Demographics Reports.

Single Subscription (for either personal or business profiles)

If you only to track your own profile followers or purchase other profile and brand reports individually, this is what you need. Starting at just $4.95 a month, you have unlimited access to your Google+ demographic report (including changes during the month), as well as the functionality to search, follow and purchase a report on any Google+ demographic.

Single report$4.95per month

Bulk Subscriptions (10-50-100 Packs)

Want reports on more than one Google+ profile, personal or business? Our bulk subscriptions will save you money! Purchase and analyze your own Google+ follower demographics, while tracking as many other Google+ profiles and brand pages as you want. With insight this good, it's hard not to indulge. Bulk subscriptions include 10, 50, or 100 individual reports per month. We also offer professional services for Businesses and High-volume plans for Agencies and Power users. Contact us